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We know your organisation has something special; something that really makes you shine out from the rest. At Cactus Content it is our passion to help you tell your unique story, and share it globally.

Since 2017 we have been in the game of helping charities, non-profits and cause-driven brands increase their impact online. Why, you ask? Because we saw a huge gap in the industry for trusted digital marketing advice and services, specifically tailored to those doing good in the world.

Through consciously created content and marketing we help our clients engage and communicate with their communities, expand their reach and create limitless impact.


Eleanor Knight, Founder of Cactus Content

Meet our Founder.

If there’s one thing Eleanor is an expert in, it’s communicating.

Born and bred in the U.K, Eleanor grew up listening to her Grandfather reel off one magnificent story after another. It was here her passion for storytelling was truly ignited – a love affair of Eleanor’s that later guided her to exploring Multi Media Journalism at University.

Today Eleanor specialises in supporting charities, non-profits and cause-driven brands share their mission with the rest of the world.

From dreaming up meaningful marketing campaigns that get your brand seen and heard, to writing cause-centred impact stories that inspire people to take action, you can trust Eleanor and her team to create the content your organisation requires to grow.


No matter what your cause, mission or product, you have something unique that sets you apart from the rest. It’s our passion to unravel your special spark, and share it with the world.

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Who we work with | Cactus Content

Who we work with.

Whether you’re a grassroots non-profit or a business operating for the greater good, we place our bets on our team being the perfect fit for yours.

We are fortunate enough to have worked with a number of national and international charities, lifestyle brands, social enterprises and conscious businesses who all share one thing in common — a vision for shaping a better, brighter future.

Ready to see if Cactus is right for your organisation? Send us an email to secure your 30-minute 1:1 strategy call, exclusive to charities and ethical brands.

Cactus Content's Plant a Tree Program

Our impact.

Just like you, we’re passionate about giving back to the people and creatures that call Earth home.

In 2019 we established our Plant a Tree program — a monthly giving initiative that donates the cost of 1 tree and all ongoing maintenance for every Cactus client to Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF).

CNCF operates exclusively in Australia and is known for planting native species that support natural ecosystems, wildlife, and nurturing habitats that are more resilient to Australia’s climate.

At Cactus, we truly believe when small acts are multiplied incredible things can happen.